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Jquery EasySlider Vertical/Orientation Option

Hi Guys,

I was recently working with the easyslider on one of my websites when I came across something. On the easyslider plugin download page: it says:


Sliding can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal is default and if you want vertical set this to 'vertical'. So I was going crazy trying to achieve vertical sliding effect instead of the default horizontal effect. I was using:

orientation: 'vertical'

This does not work, may be it used to be like this in the earlier versions, I'm not sure but it clearly does not work. So I when I looked into the plugin codeI found the option "vertical", so intead of orientation I used

vertical:'true' and blah!!

Guess the developer of the plugin Alen needs to update the info on that page. I was going to leave a comment but the comments have been closed on that page. Anyways hope this will save you guys some time.

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