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HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and more

Basic HTML Tags

Formatting Tags

- <b>bold</b>
- <strong>strong</strong>
- <u>underlined</ul>
- <i>italics</i>
- <em>emphasis</em>
- <strike>strike through</strike>
- <center>This centers text on the page</center>
- <tt>teletype text</tt> (typewriter text)
- <blockquotes>blockquotes</blockquotes>


Basic Link <a href=”url”>link title</a> (where ‘url’ is the page you want to link to and ‘link title’ is the word/s that you want the link to say.
Email Link <a href=”mailto:EMAIL”></a> (where ‘EMAIL’ is the email address you want to be a link).

Heading Tags (vary according to CSS)

- <h1>An important heading</h1>
- <h2>A slightly less important heading</h2>
- <h3>A less important heading again</h3>
- <h6>The smallest heading</h6>

Font Tags

- Font Size - <font size=”x”>text to change</font> - change ‘x’ value to get different sizes. 1 is small and 7 is big.
Colors - <font color=”#FF0000?>I’m red!</font>
Font type - <font face=”Arial”>Hello there</font>

Image Tags

Basic Image tag - <img src=”url”> (where url = the url of the image you want to show)
Image with sizing <img src=”url” width=”200? height=”150?>
Align image left - <img src=”name” align=left> (substitute ‘left’ with ‘right’ to align it right)
Alt Tags - <img src=”url” alt=”short description of image”> (an alt tag tells the reader what they are missing if the image doesn’t load in their browser.
Image as a link - <a href=”link url”><img src=”url”></a> (where ‘link url’ is the url of the page you want the image to link to and ‘url’ is the image location).
Image with border - <img border=”1? src=”url”> (the larger the number in the border “” the thicker the border)
Space Around Image <img src=”url” hspace=10 vspace=10> (hspace is the horizontal space and vspace is the verticle space. The numbers are the amount of pixels sounding the image)

Unordered Lists (usually bullet point type lists)

<li>the first list item</li>
<li>the second list item</li>
<li>the third list item</li>

Ordered Lists (usually numbered lists)

<li>the first list item</li>
<li>the second list item</li>
<li>the third list item</li>

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